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  • Yoga Wellness Center

    Yoga Wellness Center

    A blend of Spiritualty and Traditional Yoga

    The Yoga Wellness Center is unique as it uses the spirituality and tradition of yoga in a contemporary manner. It gives the practice of yoga, a fresh, dynamic feel so that the spiritual path resonates with modern living, Their system is based on the teachings of the Satyananda Yoga Tradition. Yoga aspirants are interviewed to know their likes so that classes may be chosen based on recommendation or convenience. Classes exclusively for women and elderly practitioners are also available. Laughter Yoga is one unique therapy along with Hatha yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Yoga Nidra are being integrated in their practices

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  • Kidz Planet

    Kidz Planet

    A Complete Knowledge Centre for young and old

    Kidz Planet in Electronic City is the most popular Art and Culture training school. Children from a young age are taught Music, Bharathnatyam, Karate, Abacus, Yoga, Calligraphy and Shloka recital. Beneficial yoga therapies for various ailments in children, yoga asanas for good health help them in concentration, patience and body posture.

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  • Artistic Yoga - Bannerghatta Road

    Bharat Takur's Artistic Yoga

    Artistic Yoga for Good Health

    Dr Bharat Thakur's Artistic Yoga classes are held at their Bannerghatta road centre. Artistic Yoga tones muscles, increases metabolic rate, reduces stress level and generates a sense of well being. Artistic yoga classes at Bannerghatta road is a 3-month program consisting of cardio workouts, yoga, detox & diet consultation. Artistic yoga classes have corporate package and online yoga classes also. Artistic yoga classes are a blend of asanas, pranayama, mudras and meditation.

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  • Lotus Yoga

    Lotus Yoga

    Create inner strength, experience deep inner transformation

    Lotus Yoga at Koramangala conducts three styles of yoga like dynamic yoga, hatha yoga and power yoga. Meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra are the techniques adapted by Lotus Yoga. Nutritional cooking guidance is given at Lotus yoga with one free yoga class. Lotus Yoga offers yoga services like corporate yoga, yoga workshop, group yoga, home yoga, personal training, yoga for ladies, yoga for children, yoga for stress management, yoga for weight loss, yoga for senior citizens, yoga for sports players and yoga therapy for health disorders.

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  • Prakash G. Bhat

    Prakash G. Bhat

    Yoga for Weight Management and Stress Relief

    Prakash G.Bhat is an experienced yoga therapist teaching yoga asanas, meditation and pranayama at Bannerghatta road. Prakash G.Bhat's yoga classes are for men, women and children. Yoga therapies for weight management, health disorders, stress relief and concentration are taught by Prakash G.Bhat in his yoga classes.

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  • Vishwa Chetana Yoga

    Vishwachetana Yoga centre

    Bringing out the uniqueness of yoga

    Vishwachetana Yoga center at Bannerghatta road is guided by experienced yoga therapists like Mrs Divya and Mr Keshavamurty. Yoga classes at Vishwachetana yoga center helps in improved flexibility, stress management, weight loss and improved immunity. Yoga classes at Vishwachetana yoga center are taught in group and batches but personal guidance about postures and meditation and tips about diet and nutrition is given individually as per their needs.

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  • Niranjan Yoga Centre

    Niranjan Yoga Centre

    Yoga for Pregnancy

    Niranjan yoga centre at Bannerghatta road has yoga classes for pregnant women, power yoga classes for weight management, meditation classes in general and yoga classes especially for children

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  • Haute Fitness

    Haute Fitness

    Train to get Stronger!!

    Haute Fitness at J.P.Nagar is a fitness center training in yoga, Pilate and gym. Health sessions at Haute fitness is a combination of yoga therapies, yoga asanas and pilate. Haute Fitness is the most preferred yoga centre as it is a blend of modern and ancient techniques

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  • Coach 4 U

    Coach 4 U - Yoga center

    Yoga Therapy for Children

    Coach 4 U is an yoga center located at Bilekahalli, Bannerghatta main road. Along with yoga classes Coach 4 U has coaching classes tutorials for students also. Yoga classes for women and children are taught by experienced yoga teachers and therapists. Power yoga for weight management is also a service provided at Coach 4 U

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  • Temple Fitness

    Temple Fitness

    Your Family's Health and Wellness Center

    Temple Fitness located in BTM layout is a sports recreation centre providing complete fitness requirement like gym, aerobics, zumba and yoga. In yoga services they have power yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, iyengar yoga, hot yoga alongwith a combination of pranayama and meditation. Yoga classes are conducted for both children and elders.

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  • Cadence Academy

    Cadence Academy

    Yoga and Performing-Art for toddlers!!

    Cadence Academy located at Bannerghatta road is kindergarten having dance classes, music classes and yoga classes for children. Yoga classes and yoga therapies taught to Cadence Academy students has helped them in concentration, immunity and stamina building. Students learning yoga at Cadence Academy perform well in academics too. Dance and Music classes coupled with Yoga help the kids at Cadence Academy show overall growth

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  • Pain & Gain Fitness

    Pain & Gain Fitness

    Fitness Studio with a Boxing Ring!!

    Pain and Gain fitness center at Bannerghatta road is a complete one stop destination for fitness. You get experienced trainers for exercises and yoga postures along with diet experts for nutritional guidance at Pain and Gain fitness. A full fledged boxing ring within is the high point of Pain & Gain. Men and women get fully trained in yoga therapy and yoga asanas, aerobics, zumba and dance apart from the regular gym activities

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  • Yogatree


    Start healthy living Today

    Yogatree at Bannerghatta road is founded by Mayuri, practitioner of Yoga from major schools of Yoga, namely Mysore Asthanga, BKS Iyenger, Sivananda & Bihar School of Yoga. To develop attention and concentration amongst kids they have kids yoga, to detoxify, re-energize body and relax mind Yogatree conducts vinyasa flow yoga, for deep relaxation through Pranayama and stress relief they teach asanas from Iyengar yoga, for balance of strength and flexibility they conduct Hatha yoga, to tone your body and lose those extra kilos Yogatree has Power yoga. Yogatree provides one free trial class for new yoga aspirants.

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  • Vivekananda School of Yoga

    Vivekananda School of Yoga

    Therapeutic Yoga at VSY

    Vivekananda School of Yoga at Hebbal conducts basic and advanced Yogasana practices, Pranayama and Meditation forms like Sanjeevani meditation, Cyclic meditation, Omkara meditation. They also provide Acupressure, Advanced Pranic healing, Pranic Psycho therapy and Laughter Yoga Counseling. Their Power Yoga classes assure astonishing weightloss results. Vivekananda School of yoga offers Home visit for individuals or groups at your convenience. Yoga therapy to treat asthma, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, thyroid problems, acidity etc is also taught here.

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  • Swamy Vivekananda Yoga Research And Holistic Health Trust - Yelahanka

    Swamy Vivekananda Yoga Research And Holistic Health Trust - Yelahanka

    Yoga Course for aspiring Yoga Gurus

    Swamy Vivekananda Yoga Research and Holistic Health Trust at Yelahanka is a non profit organization conducting yoga classes and yoga courses by experienced and trained yoga experts. Yoga styles and therapies like atma darshana yoga, Sadhana Yoga, yoga for pregnant women, yoga for complete health, yoga for weight management and yoga counselling are highlight of the Centre. Aspiring yoga teachers are taught theory with practical training at Swamy Vivekananda Yoga Research Centre.

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  • Vaisakh

    Vaisakh Yoga

    Yoga classes for Pre & Post Natal at your Home

    Vaisakh Yoga classes at Yelahanka conduct therapeutic Power Yoga classes for weight-loss, Iyengar Yoga classes for strength and agility and yoga for home-maker women. Personal yoga instructors and yoga teachers are made available on call, will visit your home as per your convience. Pre natal and Post natal yoga classes for women are also conducted by Vaisakh Yoga, at the comfort of your home.

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  • Urice Foundation

    Urice Foundation

    Yoga and Dietary tips for good health

    Urice Foundation at Hebbal conducts yoga workshops and yoga training for old and young. Urice Foundation is known for their therapeutic yoga classes for various health problems. Power yoga for weight management and meditation to relieve stress is also taught at Urice Foundation. Health and nutrition related tips and diet plan for several ailments are also provided at Urice Foundation, Hebbal.

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  • Yoga City Center

    Yoga City Center - Electronic City

    Yoga in the comfort of your home

    Yoga city center is located amidst IT tech parks in Electronic City and teaches dynamic yoga, hatha yoga, kriya yoga, power yoga and vinyasa yoga. Yoga therapy for corporate sector provided by Yoga City Center has relieved many software professionals from lower back pain, headache, eye strain and other major ailments. Yoga asanas for women and children are also taught at Yoga city center. Power yoga for weight management is popular in Yoga city center

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  • Satyam Wellness Yoga

    Satyam Wellness Yoga

    Therapeutic Yoga for a healthy you

    Satyam Wellness Yoga center at Electronic city, Bangalore is a yoga therapy center providing therapeutic yoga treatment for stress management, knee pain, back pain and many other health problems. Power yoga, astanga yoga and vinyasa yoga along with meditation, pranayama and counselling is provided at Satyam Wellness Yoga center.

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  • Steps Feel Your Dance

    Steps Feel Your Dance

    Steps feel your dance is a leading yoga, fitness and areobics class with over 300 students. Different yoga asanas are taught at Steps feel your dance classes which has improved many students physical and mental health. Yoga therapy for weight management has helped many obese people to lose weight and yoga postures or asanas for pregnant women has benefitted their health.

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  • Yoga and Meditation Programs from Isha Yoga

    Yoga and Meditation Programs from Isha Yoga

    Inner Engineering a tool for Wellbeing

    Inner Engineering is a technology for well being derived from the ancient science of yoga. An authentic program for self-empowerment and personal growth
    Inner Engineering Benefits in Stress-free living, Mental clarity, Enhanced perception and Inner Wellbeing
    Its an unique opportunity to engineer an inner transformation that deepens your perception of the way you look at your life, your work, and the world you inhabit
    In the process it helps you beat Anxiety and panic, depression, Gastrointestinal distress, Fatigue, headaches & allergies, Obesity, high blood pressure & diabetes, Menstrual problems

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  • Neolife Yoga Studio - Kundahalli Gate

    Neolife Yoga Studio - Kundahalli Gate

    Ancient Yoga meets Neo-Science

    NEOLIFE is a modern health care centre where the ancient science of yoga is combines with the modern science of the mind
    The goal is to bring about positive transformation by incorporating scientifically-approved practices that positively influence both the mind and the body
    At NEOLIFE we bring you the best of both worlds

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  • Shreyas Yoga Retreat

    Shreyas Yoga Retreat

    Traditional ayurveda massage at Nelamangala

    Shreyas Yoga Retreat and Spa provides ayurveda massage, head and shoulder massage, back massage, balinese massage, swedish massage, aroma therapy, face scrubs and body masks along with yoga classes, meditation and pranayama.

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  • Ojas Ayurveda Wellness Spa and Yoga - RT Nagar

    Ojas Ayurveda Wellness Spa and Yoga - RT Nagar

    Ayurveda body massage at R.T.Nagar, Bangalore

    Ojas Ayurveda yoga centre in Bangalore has yoga classes and professional counseling. Ojas Ayurveda centre at RT Nagar has ayurveda spa services like beauty therapies using herbal ingredients. Organic food products and ayurveda health products are also available.

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  • Ojas Ayurveda Wellness Spa and Yoga

    Ojas Ayurveda Wellness Spa and Yoga - BTM Layout

    Ayurveda beauty therapies at BTM Layout, Bangalore

    Ojas Ayurveda yoga centre in Bangalore has yoga classes and professional counselling. Ojas Ayurveda centre at BTM Layout has ayurveda spa services like beauty therapies using herbal ingredients. Organic food products and ayurveda health products are also available.

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  • Enlightened YoChi by Sruti Venkatesh

    Enlightened YoChi by Sruti Venkatesh

    A child or an adult woman is naturally radiant, aware and full of innocent wisdom
    Under YoChi we teach Meditation, Asanas, Yogic games, Yogic art, Pranayama and many more thus help them grow spiritually
    At your apartment complex or at our Studio

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  • Amruth Ayurveda Nursing Home & Yoga Centre

    Amruth Ayurveda Nursing Home & Yoga Centre

    Amruth Ayurveda Nursing Home and yoga centre located in Yelahanka provides all Panchakarma treatments prescribed in Ayurveda and also other special Kerala treatments of purification. Amruth Ayurveda Hospital specialises in Women Health & Maternity Care, Geriatrics, Mental Health, Diabetes, Skin Diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema, Leucoderma and many others. Team of 15 Ayurvedic doctors and Siddha, Unani and Yoga consultants are available for consultation.

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  • Ayurveda Gram Heritage Wellness Centre

    Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre

    AyurvedaGram Heritage Wellness centre located at Whitefield utilizes diagnostic methods including pulse diagnosis, conventional therapies and effective herbal medicines from Kerala Ayurveda Limited (KAL), customized Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation and balanced vegetarian diet are available at AyurvedaGram. Ayurveda treatments for arthritis, depression, diabetes, infertility, lower backache and obesity are provided at AyurvedaGram.

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  • MBS Holistic Clinic

    MBS Holistic Clinic (Yoga/Consultancy/Healing/Counselling)

    MBS Holistic Clinic at Whitefield treats weight management naturally from fat to fit through Yoga, Acupressure and Dietician advice. Power yoga for weight loss, Hath yoga, Ashtanga yoga and yoga therapy is taught at MBS Holistic clinic for treating psychological and psychosomatic disorders. MBS Holistic clinic also has other services like pranic healing, reiki and crystal therapy.  Various yoga asanas are taught at MBS Holistic clinic as treatment for sinusitis, back pain, stress, arthritis, head ache, migraine and complete woman's health.

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  • Sidda Samadhi Yoga

    Sidda Samadhi Yoga

    Sidda Samadhi Yoga is located in HSR Layout. Trained and experienced Gurus teach yoga in a systematic and methodical manner for good health and wellbeing.
    Yoga training classes for various health problems and ailments to be cured and power yoga and yoga therapy for weight management is also available. Sidda Samadhi Yoga along with meditation and pranayama is a complete yoga therapy package available at Sidda Samadhi Yoga.

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  • Transfigure

    Transfigure Yoga - Bannerghatta Road

    Transfigure Yoga classes at Bannerghatta road is founded by experienced yoga therapists like Dr Asha Jain and Dr C.S Jain. Yoga, meditation and diet plan is a complete package provided in Transfigure Yoga. Dr Asha Jain teaches yoga for pregnant woman alongwith yoga therapy for other health problems like overweight, underweight, headache, migraine, indigestion, respiratory diseases, heart diseases, blood pressure and yoga for psychological disorder and gynaecological disorder.

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  • Surya Yoga & Corporate Wellness

    Surya Yoga & Corporate Wellness

    Surya Yoga and corporate wellness center located at Whitefield, Bangalore teaches vasistha yoga, patanjali yoga, ashtanga yoga styles by experienced yoga therapists. Yoga therapy classes for men, women and children has been packaged with meditation classes at Surya yoga and corporate wellness center.

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