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Water Saving - Eco365days Aerator 2 Zoom

Water Saving - Eco365days Aerator

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If you love the Green concept, try the Do-It-Yourself Water Saving 365Days Aerator. Water Saving Eco365days Aerator helps you conserve water up to 75% on your existing faucets. It is easy to retrofit, offers quick payback and lets you ‘Go Green’ to contribute towards a greener, better tomorrow. Why waste water, when we can do much more with less!
Some of the highlights of the Water Saving 365Days Aerator include:
- Do It Yourself (DIY) technology
- Saves water
- Lowers your energy cost
- Saves money
- Ensures flow rate as per the Green Building norms
- Less water usage which results in less to recycle
- Reduces your carbon footprint
Min 10 nos for CoD Facility: The Cash-on-Delivery (CoD) facility should be opted only if you order for minimum 10 nos


Per Unit


    Water Saving 365Days Aerator is a cost effective solution for all your leaky faucets. It’s easy to install, simple to use and adds convenience to your every-day life. Not only do you save money, you also save water and do your little bit to save the Earth!

    With Eco365days Aerator you waste less water on your day to day rinsing activities. It is an innovative water-saving solution for wash basin and sink faucets. With a flow rate of 3 LPM( Litres Per Minute) it saves up to 75% water and energy than a standard flow of 12 LPM aerator, and that adds up to 58400 litres of water annually for a family!

    It is designed to reduce the water usage with no sacrifice in water pressure and rinse-ability of user. The shower type aerator generates thin stream of water to cover wider area for rinse, when compared to conventional aerators. This results in lesser-run time of faucet and easiness for user and ultimately water saving. Shower type aerator can easily be installed in existing faucets

    Delivery Charge: Rs. 70/- will be levyed as Delivery Charges on orders below 10 nos

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    Service Provider Neo Systek
    Email goutam@neosystek.com
    Mobile Number +919900070950 / 080-26758043
    Website www.neosystek.com
    Address 1 # 9, Building Gudu, Opp. Koncept Shelters, Hosakerehalli Main Road, Ganapathi Nagar, Bangalore
    Address 2 -
    City Bangalore
    State No
    Pin code No
    Area of Serivce Anywhere in Bangalore

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