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  • Career Mapper 1

    Career Mapper

    Career Mapper is an Interactive career counselling workshop for teenagers, designing their route to success from an early age. Some of the highlights of this workshop include:
    - Experiential and interactive workshop to support teenagers
    - Training equips teenagers to rely on logic to make important choices of their life and carve their path to success
    - Suitable for teens in the age group of 12yrs to 19yrs
    - Course duration is 10 days wherein all study material is provided in-house
    Career Mapper workshop will be held from 23rd April to 3rd May 2014
    Sessions held from 4pm to 6pm Monday to Saturday

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  • Finger Print Analysis

    Finger Print Analysis (D.M.I.T.)

    D.M.I.T or Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test - fingerprint analysis in lay-man terms, is a tool which is helpful in analyzing one's natural and inborn talents and skills through their unique fingerprints
    Fingerprint Analysis helps us know several features such as:
    - Intrinsic Potential
    - Multiple Intelligence
    - Dominant and Preferred Learning Style
    - Allocation of Various Capabilities
    - Learning Sensitivity
    Fingerprint Analysis has now become a compulsory test for many universities across the globe
    D.M.I.T. can decode an individual’s hidden talent and suggest the right career and personal choices that guarantee success

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  • Career Counseling

    Career Counseling

    Career is an extension of life, integral to culture and ways of living.
    It helps children of Class X & XII take informed career decisions.
    Career path given to a child helps them be considerate towards socio-economic status, Socio-cultural status, Educational and psychological factors

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  • Counseling - Personal Growth and Healing

    Counseling - Personal Growth and Healing

    When you have a physical injury that is not healing on its own, you seek help from a medical doctor don’t you???

    Why should your response to mental and emotional discomfort be any different????

    Let’s not forget - little emotions are great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it.

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  • Blooming Mindz

    Blooming Mindz

    Blooming Mindz, Jayanagar Bangalore has some unique training and counselling sessions for children and adults
    D.M.I. Test is one among them. It helps analyse one's fingerprint to determine their innert strengths and weaknesses
    Bhagavathgeetha Recitation Classes is another training session where participants are taught to read the Gita in the right way

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  • Disha Counselling Services

    DISHA Counseling Services

    Provide Career and relationship counseling services to clients
    Our mantra is - "Manzil unko milti hai jinke sapno mein jaan hoti hai, Pankhon se nahin, hauslon se udaan hoti hai"
    DISHA remains ignited by the thoughts...What else, What more, What next we can do for our clients.

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