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Mid Brain Activation Classes - Vijayanagar Zoom

Mid Brain Activation Classes - Vijayanagar

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Mid Brain Activation is a seven-level course designed to enhance your child’s mental acuity. The course aims to increase usage of the Mid Brain, an area that lies between the Left side of the Brain and the Right side of the Brain.

Highlights of the Mid Brain Activation course include:
- Children learn to use a larger portion of their brain which is otherwise not utilized and hence have the ability to perform better in their studies and other activities
- Helps in Memory Enhancement, Concentration Enhancement, Confidence Building, Creativity Enhancement, Emotion Management and Enters the Genius Mind Learning State
- The training involves various brain exercises, memory tests, blindfolded memorizing, meditation, listening to various types of music and few exercises for eyes movement
- This 3 month long training session is designed for children in the age group of 5yrs to 15 yrs
Training is conducted only on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) in two batches of three hours each, on each day.
Demo sessions are held every Sunday from 4.00pm
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    Do you want your children to get smarter? Do you want them to use a larger part of their brain so that they can excel at studies and other extra-curricular activities? Mid Brain Activation is a 7 level course designed to do just that.

    Midbrain (Mesencephelon) Activation is a logical and scientific solution.Mid Brain is the link between Right and Left brain, hence a key factor in increased usage of our brain. This course uses a series of mental exercises that train children between the age of 5 years and 15 years to harness the potential of this otherwise unused part of the brain.

    As a result, the Mid Brain Activation course helps children by:
    - Improving level of concentration
    - Enhancing memory retention capabilities
    - Increased hand-to-eye coordination
    - Better emotion management
    - Providing a much needed confidence boost
    After completion of the course children are able to do various activities blindfold, apart from showing drastic improvement in their academics

Contact Information

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    Service Provider Mid Brain Masters Vijayanagar
    Email raghubnath@yahoo.com
    Mobile Number 9886746271
    Website No
    Address 1 # 142, 18th Cross, 8th Main CHBS Layout
    Address 2 Vijayanagar
    City Bangalore
    State Karnataka
    Pin code 560040
    Area of Serivce Vijayanagar

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