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Crystal Healing

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  • Crystal Healing Session 1

    Crystal Healing Session

    Crystal Healing is not a myth, in fact, crystal healing offers a lot of therapeutic benefits that come without the risk of unwanted side effects that are closely associated with medication. The Crystal Healing Course teaches students the ability to utilize the untapped energy of healing crystals and heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments
    Crystals contain hidden ‘Codes of Light’ that are a powerful healing tool. This course introduces participants to:
    - Various types of crystals used in healing and their benefits
    - Diagnosing a problem and using the right crystals to an effective treatment plan
    - Methods to connect to a crystal and utilize its untapped energies
    The course lasts 7 days and any extra sessions will cost Rs. 250/- per session

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  • Healing Hub

    Healing Hub

    Vandana at Healing Hub provides you the much needed support to rejuvenate and get back to your spirited life Activities such as Crystal Healing, Reikhi healing, Counselling, Meditation, Tarot reading and many more are conducted for your wellbeing

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