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  • Aura / Energy Reading (Personal)  1

    Aura / Energy Reading (Personal)

    Dr Shamsunder specializes in Aura reading and energy reading of a place and person through phone, mail or personal interview. Aura reading helps one to understand their strengths and convert weaknesses into strengths. Aura of a place denotes how congenial and compatible it is to your energies or not.

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  • Aroma Home Spa

    Aroma Home Spa - Bangalore

    Spa gift voucher, packages and deals in Bangalore

    Thai massage, gem stone massage, swedish massage, aroma massage, balinese body massages, weight loss and detox treatment, body firming, de tan body treatment, ayurveda massage therapy, hydrotherapy spa, foot reflexology and hair spa are exclusive services available only in Aroma Home spa at Whitefield in Bangalore.

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  • Enlightened YoChi by Sruti Venkatesh

    Enlightened YoChi by Sruti Venkatesh

    A child or an adult woman is naturally radiant, aware and full of innocent wisdom
    Under YoChi we teach Meditation, Asanas, Yogic games, Yogic art, Pranayama and many more thus help them grow spiritually
    At your apartment complex or at our Studio

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  • Healing Hub

    Healing Hub

    Vandana at Healing Hub provides you the much needed support to rejuvenate and get back to your spirited life Activities such as Crystal Healing, Reikhi healing, Counselling, Meditation, Tarot reading and many more are conducted for your wellbeing

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  • Distant Pranic Healing

    Distant Pranic Healing

    Healing ailments without medicine is seen as the way forward as people are slightly concerned about the general overload of medicinal drugs in their daily life. Pranic Healing is one such non-medicinal healing process that uses ones own inner energy for healing.

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  • EasyWay to Quit Smoking 1

    EasyWay to Quit Smoking

    Health professionals are increasing awareness of the difficulties many smoking patients experience when trying to quit
    For most smokers, the quitting experience is a miserable one and pharmacological interventions do little to help smokers handle the psychological element of the dependency. Allen Carr's EasyWay is known to be World's Best 'Quit Smoking' Seminar. Dedicated to help smokers quit smoking easily.
    The Allen Carr's EasyWay method is classic Cognitive Therapy (CT), the talking cure pioneered by Aaron T. Beck
    The basic premise of CT is a simple one, "that what we think influences the way we feel and in turn, what we do".
    Avail NEW INTRODUCTORY OFFER! Rs. 5000 (Service Tax Extra) per person
    Note: Since it's a group seminar for 10 persons or more, the minimum quantity to book is set at 10. The quantity can be changed if the nos are more than 10 persons- Most suitable for smoker-groups among your friends, colleagues, neighbours in your apartment complex
    - For Individual bookings Click here

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  • Tarot, Angel Card Reading Session 1

    Tarot, Angel Card Reading Session

    Card reading is a form of foretelling where Tarot or Angel cards can predict the future and help you make an informed decision.

    We offer guiding sessions through:

    1. Tarot Card Reading

    2. Angels Card Reading

    3. Fairies Card Reading

    4. Romance Angels Card reading

    These sessions are offered by prior appointment, only in Bangalore. Age is not a criterion; we are happy to serve all our patients irrespective of their age and gender.

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  • Reiki Healing Session

    Reiki Healing Session

    Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing therapy which is often described as ‘Universal life-force energy’. It is channeled through the practitioner's hands for self-treatment or treatment of others.
    Some of the benefits of Reiki Healing Session include:
    - A healing therapy that can cure physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments
    - This gentle technique will clear all negative energies that might be blocking the free flow of vital life force energy
    - It is also possible to receive Reiki long-distance, in which Reiki is performed on clients who are not physically present
    - Each Reiki session with an expert leaves you feeling refreshed, recharged and revitalized
    We offer each patient 7 sessions, where each session can last up to 30mins.

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  • Crystal Healing Session 1

    Crystal Healing Session

    Crystal Healing is not a myth, in fact, crystal healing offers a lot of therapeutic benefits that come without the risk of unwanted side effects that are closely associated with medication. The Crystal Healing Course teaches students the ability to utilize the untapped energy of healing crystals and heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments
    Crystals contain hidden ‘Codes of Light’ that are a powerful healing tool. This course introduces participants to:
    - Various types of crystals used in healing and their benefits
    - Diagnosing a problem and using the right crystals to an effective treatment plan
    - Methods to connect to a crystal and utilize its untapped energies
    The course lasts 7 days and any extra sessions will cost Rs. 250/- per session

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  • Essence Healthcare

    Essence Healthcare

    To achieve optimal health, all aspects of your individuality must be in best of conditions
    Serving your needs is our greatest focus, and helping you achieve your health goals is our greatest reward
    Essence Healthcare provides alternative health care solutions and believes in improving the specific conditions naturally without any medication
    Our goal is to promote healthy life style and prevent illness by providing alternative health care solutions at affordable price

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