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Radiology Tests

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  • Breast Thermography (For cancer diagnosis) 1

    Breast Thermography (For cancer diagnosis)

    The threat of Breast Cancer is as real to men as it is to women. Even painless lumps can be dangerous. However when detected in time Breast Cancer can be successfully treated.  Anjana Diagnostics is one of the first diagnostic centers in India to use the Infrared Digital Thermography or Breast Thermography equipment to identify Breast Cancer. This diagnostic imaging technology is non-invasive and helps visualize and quantify changes in breast surface temperature. This helps detect Breast Cancer even in its early stages.

    Mammography has been the most reliable technology to detect a mass in the breast. But only women in their later years i.e. between the age group of 45 – 75 years can undergo this screening. The Infrared Digital Thermography can identify abnormalities in the breast almost 8-10 years before one qualifies for Mammography. This saves precious time in detecting the Breast Cancer and also enables the patient to seek the right treatment from an early stage.

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  • Vitamin D Investigation

    Vitamin D Investigation

    Osteomalacia or fragile bones is a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency, which statistics indicate, is a fast growing problem among today's population

    Early detection of the deficiency through proper diagnosis is the key for timely treatment

    Strong bones means stable body-framework, so healthier living, so get a Vitamin D Investigation done at the earliest

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  • CDRF Wellness

    CDRF Wellness

    Very few of this kind - Diagnostics for all departments such as Dental, Cancer detection, Phychiatry, Heart, Kidneys, Liver and all others under one roof
    A top of the line Dental Diagnostics facility at CDRF Wellness
    First in India to introduce Thermatography for Breast Cancer detection

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  • PeopleHealth India

    PeopleHealth India

    PeopleHealth India brings to your a wide spectrum of healthcare providers for you to compare and choose the best option
    PeopleHealth India can be called a "super market" for healthcare needs
    Healthcare at affordable cost is the USP of PeopleHealth India

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