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Lab Tests

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    PT/INR Investigation

    PT/INR Investigation

    Patients with blood-clotting disorder are to be monitored very closely as they could cause cardiac problems apart from other fatal issues

    PT/INR (Prothrombin Time/International Normalised Ratio) Investigation helps to determine the speed at which blood clots in a patient, so that appropriate steps could be taken to slow-down or speed-up the process depending upon the medical problem of the patient

    The appropriate dosage of an anticoagulant that is to be administered to the patient depends on this important test

    We also collect necessary samples from home of the patient (Charged Extra for distance more than 2kms from our Lab in RT Nagar)

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  • Blood Test - Home Sample Collection

    Blood Test - Home Sample Collection

    Blood samples collected from your home and its results delivered to your home is a one very important service for those who are unable to get to the diagnostic centers

    Wellbeing, from their nearest branch will make arrangements to collect samples from your home, get it checked at their lab and also deliver the report by their specified time

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  • Diabetes Plus by NationWide

    Diabetes Plus by NationWide

    India is the “Diabetes Capital” of the world and it is estimated that around 100 million Indians will be having this disabling condition by 2030

    If you or someone in your family is a diabetic, it is very important to regularly monitor and prevent or effectively manage the complications that may result from the condition

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  • CDRF Wellness

    CDRF Wellness

    Very few of this kind - Diagnostics for all departments such as Dental, Cancer detection, Phychiatry, Heart, Kidneys, Liver and all others under one roof
    A top of the line Dental Diagnostics facility at CDRF Wellness
    First in India to introduce Thermatography for Breast Cancer detection

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  • PeopleHealth India

    PeopleHealth India

    PeopleHealth India brings to your a wide spectrum of healthcare providers for you to compare and choose the best option
    PeopleHealth India can be called a "super market" for healthcare needs
    Healthcare at affordable cost is the USP of PeopleHealth India

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