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  • Manicure for Men

    Manicure for Men

    Treat your hands like never before and a nourished, clean and a presentable pair of hands

    With a trend for men's manicure quickly catching up all men are likely to be here to have a healthy and lively hands

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    per session per person

  • Weekend Adventure Trek

    Weekend Adventure Trek

    Trekking backpacking or hiking, whatever you term it, is the simplest form of adventure
    - Walking in the wilderness is truly up, close and personal with nature and there can't be anything better than this
    - There is abundant choice of fascinating destinations
    - A day's trip of exploring hills, meadows, forests or countryside just needs a backpack with goodies inside
    So flee....
    For Enquiry on Availability, Click here

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  • Bifurcation Khatha Procurement

    Bifurcation Katha Procurement

    In a joint purchase of a property, legal bifurcation of the property among the purchasers is mandatory for several legal matters
    The document (Khatha) of the property after the bifurcation, with the correct dimension and size is obtained from the local administration office - BBMP as in Bangalore City

    Bifurcation Khatha of the property will have details like the size of the bifurcated property, built-up area, location, etc.
    Obtaining a Khatha is important if you need to secure a loan or trade license

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  • Transfer of Khata

    Transfer of Katha

    Property owners are to have an account (Khatha) land tax and other legal payments, in the office of the local administration - BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) in the case of Bangalore and this authenticates the legitimacy of the said property

    The Khatha of any legitimate property, when changes hands - after sale, gifting, death of the owner, through a will, etc has to be transfered to the new owner, inorder to open a new account and make a new identity for the said property

    Transfer of Khatha is done at the office of the local BBMP by providing few necessary documents

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  • Ozone Therapy (For Knee Pain)  2

    Ozone Therapy (For Knee Pain)

    Ozone injections under the Oxygen-Ozone Therapy is considered a good treatment with high success rate, least risk of complications, easy execution, repeatability and stable outcome
    Oxygen-ozone therapy is used to treat patients with gonarthosis (initial and late), inflammatory disease due to overloading, patellar tendinitis, knee pain caused by joint cartilage degeneration or knee pain following a surgery
    Reports say that the ozone apart from reducing local pain it also favours in the quick recovery of joint function and motion that was lost during your painful phase
    For a long term relief from chronic knee pain, visit CDRF, Indiranagar now!!

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    Learn to Make Eco-Ganesha idols 2

    Learn to Make Eco-Ganesha idols

    Celebrate Ganesha festival in an Eco-Friendly way by making your own Ganesha - made out of natural raw clay. They are safe for handling, safe for our environment and also safe for our water bodies while we immerse them

    It also gives immense happiness to you and your parents to install and worship the Ganapathi made by your own hands during this year's Ganesha Festival

    A renowned artisan will visit your apartment complex to teach you to make your own Clay-Ganesha thus initiating your sense of creativity

    Get ready to dig your hands into smooth clay and say Ganapathi Bappa Moriya

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    Drawing Classes @ Home (Quarterly Course)

    Drawing Classes @ Home (Quarterly Course)

    Children love drawing and art. Not only does it allow them to learn new things every day, but also helps them find a creative outlet to express their thoughts and feelings. Drawing and Art Class helps a child build upon their creative skills.The course teaches children - Drawing and Sketching and Art, Pottery and much more.

    For Enquiry on Availability, Click here

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  • Guidance to Parents of Troubled Kids

    Guidance to Parents of Troubled Kids

    It's very important to properly handle children with troubled past and those going through difficult times. Sai Nellore will help parents of such kids with his counselling, Face-to-Face in person or remotely, with valuable techniques and easy methods in managing your troubled kids

    Get in touch with Sai Nellore for a Face-to-Face session!! or a Skype session if you are out of Hyderabad

    Kavuri Hills (behind Madhapur Police Station)
    Note: Within close vicinity of Jubilee Hills area, Sai Nellore can also visit a place of your choice

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  • Registered Home Nurse - Trial/15-Day/Monthly

    Registered Home Nurse - Trial/15-Day/Monthly

    A critically ill patient needing continuous care can avail this service
    A qualified nurse registered under the state Nursing Council is deputed for this service
    Thoroughly trained to handle basic clinical care procedures, checking vital parameters, caring bedridden clients, caring paralytic clients, provide catheter care
    Complex issues including disease management, tracheotomy care, post-surgical care and wound care are also taken care
    Continuous care by the bedside of the patient depending on their need

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  • AMC for Water Purifiers 1

    AMC for Water Purifiers

    Your Water Purifier is in Safe hands
    DK Waters provides Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for your water purifiers, both for basic UV and for RO+UV models
    Once every three months a complete servicing of your water purifier will ensure pure drinking water around the year
    Well trained and experienced technicians from DK Waters will ensure flawless and long lasting working condition of your water purifiers - Kent or any similar brands
    At an affordable cost
    Get connected with DK Waters Now!!!

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  • Tirupati Package Tour1

    Tirupati Package Tour

    To get an early darshan of Lord Balaji at Tirupati

    Padaki Tours and Travels is known for their Tirupati Devasthanam Package tour, assures hassle-free, excellent darshan of Lord Balaji
    One-day pilgrimage to Tirupathi Lord Venkateshwara Temple and Padmavathi Temple
    Padaki's Tirupati Balaji tour package from Bangalore is popular for its punctuality, smooth conduct, clean and tidy hotels and tasty food
    Book your seat now!!

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  • Temples of Karnataka Tour Package3

    Temples of Karnataka Tour Package

    Come, reach divinity by reaching us
    The "Temples of Karnataka" Tour Package by Padaki Tours and Travels is the best temple tour program from Bangalore
    For 3 full days you will get to cover most of the important pilgrimage centers located in the western region of Karnataka
    Guided tour, comfortable place for boarding and lodging in reputed hotels, perfect scheduling to ensure definite darshan at every temple
    Note: The cost mentioned is for Two Adults

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    For Two Adults

  • Laundry Service - Single Plan 3

    Laundry Service - Single Plan

    Plan is valid for 30 days and maximum 50 garments allowed.

    Rejoice with your family instead of worrying about laundry. You can play until you get dirty because laundry is just a click away. The many varied materials, from natural fabrics to synthetics and everything in between, can all be treated safely by the professional dry cleaner such as Dr. Clean. Professional laundry treatment results in greater longevity of garments and better Appearance. Also saves power upto 1200 units p.a, your time upto 1000 hrs p.a and money upto Rs.25,000 p.a

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  • Pottery Wheel Work Classes

    Pottery Wheel Work Classes

    Get your hand on the Wheel of Art

    Pottery Wheel is the primary apparatus for clay pottery work and handling the wheel is critical to become a good clay-craftsperson
    A wooden pottery wheel is the most primitive of them all, while wheels are available in various other materials now
    The craft of making clay articles with the help of a pottery-wheel is considered artistic for it needs firm and smooth handling to create complicated designs
    Handling of Pottery wheel helps one get the necessary balance, firmness of the hands and the delicate handling techniques
    Book a seat now for a Pottery Wheel-Work course

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    Per Person - Per Course

  • Pottery Work Classes

    Pottery Work Classes

    Wheel is the primary apparatus for clay pottery work. A wheel made of wood is the most primitive of them all, while they are available in various other materials now

    The craft of making clay articles with the help of a pottery-wheel is considered basic knowledge in pottery making and this helps one get the necessary balance, firmness of the hands and the delicate handling techniques

    Booking: Assure a seat now by paying just Rs.500/- as Booking Amount or even pay the Full Amount and help your child improve his/her creativity quotient
    - The Balance Amount of Rs.4500/- should be paid to B K Vishwanatha - our Service Provider during admission for the course

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  • Drawing Classes @ Home 1

    Drawing Classes @ Home

    Children love drawing and art!!

    Not only does it allow them to learn new art forms every day, but also helps them find a creative outlet to express their thoughts and feelings. Drawing and Art Class helps a child build upon their imagination and creative skills.The course teaches children - Drawing and Sketching and Art, Pottery and much more. The price given is minimum and it may increase based on distance of his travel to your home

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  • Fortuna Modular Kitchen 1

    Fortuna Modular Kitchen

    Modular kitchens are practical and durable
    They are elegant, easy to use & maintain
    Fortuna Kitchen are custom designed which are compact and efficient
    Designed to optimize space utilization in your kitchen
    Great Value for money. Fortuna gives a 15 years functional warranty

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  • Fortuna Wardrobes

    Fortuna Wardrobes

    Fortuna Wardrobes come in a wide range of designs
    Fortuna specializes in Walk in wardrobe
    Wardrobes with all types of Sliding Shutters are our key strength with vast experience in it
    Wardrobe shutters come in a wide range of colours and finishes like PU finish shutters, solid wood shutters, mirror shutters, glass shutters and PU Lacquer to give a very high quality finish, to last a life time

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  • Architectural and Structural Designing2

    Architectural and Structural Designing

    Building on Architectural and Structural Designs

    Architecture with all essential aspects and a robust Structural Design makes up to best construction
    The highly experienced and innovative team of architects from C S Associates have been providing designs for several top construction companies in the country
    Supplementing to the architects Our Structural Designers have ensured Energy Efficient structures that gives Stability, Strength and long life to every construction
    We have a few landmark structures that are built on our designs and structural drawings

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