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Holiday Packages

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  • Padaki Tours & Travels

    Padaki Tours & Travels

    1 Review(s)

    For cost effective holiday packages

    For Short Getaways from Bangalore at short notice and Customised Holiday Packages for your budget. For reliable holiday packages, temple tours, family holidays, Tirupathi packages, adventure camps and tours
    Padaki Tours and Travels has some exciting Honeymoon packages, Adventure tour packages, Trip to Kabini River resort

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  • Tirupati Package Tour1

    Tirupati Package Tour

    1 Review(s)

    To get an early darshan of Lord Balaji at Tirupati

    Padaki Tours and Travels is known for their Tirupati Devasthanam Package tour, assures hassle-free, excellent darshan of Lord Balaji
    One-day pilgrimage to Tirupathi Lord Venkateshwara Temple and Padmavathi Temple
    Padaki's Tirupati Balaji tour package from Bangalore is popular for its punctuality, smooth conduct, clean and tidy hotels and tasty food
    Book your seat now!!

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  • Temples of Karnataka Tour Package3

    Temples of Karnataka Tour Package

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    Come, reach divinity by reaching us
    The "Temples of Karnataka" Tour Package by Padaki Tours and Travels is the best temple tour program from Bangalore
    For 3 full days you will get to cover most of the important pilgrimage centers located in the western region of Karnataka
    Guided tour, comfortable place for boarding and lodging in reputed hotels, perfect scheduling to ensure definite darshan at every temple
    Note: The cost mentioned is for Two Adults

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    For Two Adults
  • Weekend Adventure Trek

    Weekend Adventure Trek

    Trekking backpacking or hiking, whatever you term it, is the simplest form of adventure
    - Walking in the wilderness is truly up, close and personal with nature and there can't be anything better than this
    - There is abundant choice of fascinating destinations
    - A day's trip of exploring hills, meadows, forests or countryside just needs a backpack with goodies inside
    So flee....
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  • Night Trek at Muthurayanbetta

    Night Trek at Muthurayanbetta

    The charm and inquisitiveness of the nightfall is extremely inimitable
    Adventure in the dark is distinctively different from a day trip. There is anxiety, vulnerability and challenge
    This is what makes you wonder why you want to undertake this nocturnal activity again and again
    For Enquiry on Availability, Click here

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  • River Rafting - Kodagu Small Image

    River Rafting - Kodagu

    Barpole- A monsoon river in the cradle of Brahmagiri Wild Life Sanctuary call you for thrilling river rafting session Navigating through the various rapids of Barapole river - presently flowing in spate, it is surely an adrenaline rush of a higher level Under the keen eyes of Manjunath from Ace Paddlers, all of you will have a very safe and memorable rafting and adventure experience Learn More
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  • Here You Go

    Here You Go

    To bring you the best unknown destinations and great places to stay on your next holiday

    Vegetation is found only around small mountain streams in Ladakh. How do you know where the streams are? Well, the vegetation makes it very obvious where they are! come see these wonders

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  • Woody Adventure Inc

    Woody Adventures Inc

    Our Earth is truly amazing in that there is such a variety of ecology and culture. In order for us to continue enjoying the wonders of the Earth, Woody Adventures Inc. strives to promote conservation, protect the identity of regional cultures and make an economic contribution to the local community
    Woody Adventures allows the new traveler to experience the intrigue, adventure and achievement inherent in the journeys that continue to expand our understanding of the world we live in

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  • ToeHold Travel & Photography

    ToeHold Travel & Photography

    You . Your Travel . Your Photography

    Welcome to India's numero-uno travel-and-photography company
    Toehold's Photography Tours, to some of the world's most exciting destinations
    Get started with your journey today with our range of best-in-class services

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