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Complete Rainwater Harvesting (60x40 sq.ft.) 1 Zoom

Complete Rainwater Harvesting (60x40 sq.ft.) - Scheme 1

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Water is an increasingly precious commodity and extreme weather is amplifying annual floods and droughts with devastating effects equally on rural and urban populace
Accessing and controlling water can have dramatic and wide-ranging results on famers’ incomes and in their lives and this is vital for economic independence
Along with Rainwater Harvesting our people should be imparted with Water Literacy which empowers people on the ground manage this vital resource to improve their lives
A water efficient nation, water for everyone


Per Unit


    The Ayyappa Masagi techniques for Complete Rainwater Harvesting augments water in the Sub-Soil, Sub-Surface, Groundwater Recharging as well as Non-Irrigational Agriculture
    They all are based on ancient techniques and uses easily available local materials
    Highly valuable and needed in this 21st century, where world-wide food and water-crisis is emerging a quick pace
    The installations are available in two variants:
    Scheme 1:
    In this scheme, roof rain water is filtered and is stored in the existing underground storage tanks (sumps) and the overflown water from the sump would be connected to the existing borewell for Ground water recharge
    This scheme includes:
    - Rainwater Filter
    - Approx. 100ft of 2.5inch PVC Pipes
    - Digging and repacking of trench on ground
    - Drilling inlet and outlet holes in the Sump
    - Drilling of a hole in Borewell Casing
    Note: If there is no borewell, then cost would be adjusted accordingly
    Scheme 2:
    In this scheme, roof rain water would be collected in a Rain water pit of 4.5 Ft Dia X 10 Ft Depth for indirect recharging of the Ground water aquifers
    Scheme 2 includes:
    - Infiltration Well
    - Approx. 100ft of 2.5inch PVC Pipes
    - Digging and repacking of trench on ground
    Note: If customers opt for a 4inch PVC Pipe, then cost would increase by Rs.30/- per ft. length

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    Service Provider Rain Water Concepts (I) Pvt. Ltd.
    Email waterliteracyfoundation@yahoo.com
    Mobile Number 9448379497
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    Address 1 #347, Parvathi Nilaya, Kalappa Layout
    Address 2 Amruthahalli, Byaterayanapura
    City Anycity
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    Area of Serivce Anywhere in Bangalore

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